Mongolia’s Raw Coal Ban Promises Results… But What Kind of Results?

By Enkhuun Byambadorj This is a story of development – the aid-dependent economy, deep public mistrust in the government, rapid urban migration, and a silent plague that blankets the sky in the cold winter months. For the 1.5 million people living in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar, the -40°C winters bring with them air pollution levels comparable to, and sometimes surpassing, much larger cities such as … Continue reading Mongolia’s Raw Coal Ban Promises Results… But What Kind of Results?

Interview with Xiying Xu

By The Catalyst Editorial Board. Our team organized an interview with Xiying Xu who is currently living in Waterloo about her article “Butterfly(2004) and Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Collective Movements” which will be featured in the Spring edition of Chrysalis. In her article, she compares the movie Butterflyto Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy movements.  Xiying recently graduated from McGill’s English undergraduate program with a focus on Cultural Studies from … Continue reading Interview with Xiying Xu

Interview with Suzanne Bonfils

By The Catalyst Editorial Board. Catalyst interviewed Suzanne Bonfils to discuss her upcoming article “China and the North Korean Refugee Crisis: State Sovereignty and the Dangers of ‘Strategic Ambivalence’” in Chrysalis. Her article addresses the strategic ambivalence of China towards North Korea, which has affected the North Korean refugee crisis greatly. If you are interested in her article, you can watch her thesis video, where … Continue reading Interview with Suzanne Bonfils