Interview with Alanna Sereboff

By The Catalyst Editorial Board. The Catalyst team had the pleasure of interviewing Alanna Sereboff to talk about her upcoming article “Making America Afraid Again: The Criminalization and Securitization of Migration in Post-9/11 America” in Chrysalis. Her article looks at the Trump, Obama, and Bush administrations in the United States and their policies regarding immigration and refugees. If you want to know more about her … Continue reading Interview with Alanna Sereboff

Interview with Emma Sitland

By The Catalyst Editorial Board. We met with Emma Sitland to talk about her upcoming piece “Women’s Social Movements in West Africa: What Makes a Success Story?” in Chrysalis Spring 2019. Her article looks at women’s social movements in Liberia and Sierra Leone. You can listen to her thesis video to learn more about her article. Originally from New Brunswick, Emma is pursuing an honours … Continue reading Interview with Emma Sitland

Interview with Suzanne Bonfils

By The Catalyst Editorial Board. Catalyst interviewed Suzanne Bonfils to discuss her upcoming article “China and the North Korean Refugee Crisis: State Sovereignty and the Dangers of ‘Strategic Ambivalence’” in Chrysalis. Her article addresses the strategic ambivalence of China towards North Korea, which has affected the North Korean refugee crisis greatly. If you are interested in her article, you can watch her thesis video, where … Continue reading Interview with Suzanne Bonfils

Interview with Dilse Kaygisiz

By The Catalyst Editorial Board. Our team sat down with Dilse Kaygisiz, author of “Refugee Economies, Child Labour, and the State: Turkey’s Case” in the newest edition of Chrysalis. In her article, she explores refugee economies and child labour in Turkey. You can watch her discuss her article in her thesis video. Dilse is particularly interested in migration studies and international relations. She decided to … Continue reading Interview with Dilse Kaygisiz

Interview with Naomi Santesteban

By The Catalyst Editorial Board Our team interviewed Naomi Santesteban about her upcoming article “An Analysis Of UNRWA’s Policy and Practice Concerning Palestinian Refugees” in the spring edition of Chrysalis. In her article, she addresses the policies enacted by UNRWA and the limitations of the non-permanent status of the organization. You can watch the video below to know more about her article.   Naomi is … Continue reading Interview with Naomi Santesteban