History and Mission

Catalyst is a student-run online platform created in 2019 as an initiative of the International Development Studies Student Association (IDSSA) at McGill University under the leadership of the Vice-President of Publications, Charline Côté-Lessard. Catalyst has served as a place of learning, conversation, and growth for students within and outside of the International Development program at McGill since its inception.

The platform seeks to provide an inclusive and respectful space for students to share their opinions, experiences, and ideas relating to the field of international development. This publication also seeks to make information about international development easily accessible and to the McGill and broader community.

However, Catalyst is acutely aware of the complex relationship between colonialism, oppressive structures, and international “development” projects. We also understand the crucial role that writing itself has played in these projects. As a result, Catalyst is dedicated to disrupting the harmful narratives associated with international development and the Global South by producing historically, politically, and culturally-informed work that challenges oppressive systems at home and abroad.