The Indian Migrant Labour Crisis and Its Implications

Often, governments are expected to provide help to the vulnerable during a pandemic. Yet instead of giving workers the job security and resources they needed, governments of several predominantly agricultural states, including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat, commenced changes to labour laws. These have largely benefitted industries, leaving informal labour more vulnerable than ever.

The Illiberalism of Japan’s Detention Policies: an Interview with Professor Takamura

In this interview, I take you to Japan: an economic powerhouse, stable democracy, and a country known for its increasing reliance on migrant workers. Meanwhile, the Japanese government’s immigration laws and detainment practices also oppress and deprive the rights of many migrant workers, immigrants, illegal migrants and refugees – topics which are not commonly discussed in Japanese society for fear of governmental retaliation.

Contemplating Contemporary Colonialism: Making sense of China’s Increasing Investment and Influence in Africa

China’s growing financial investment in the African continent has brought with it concerns, with many questioning whether its foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade policies are a form of neo-colonialism. In order to responsibly address these important questions, it is … Continue reading

The United States’ Use of Human Rights as a Bargaining Chip in its Trade War with China: Why Here? Why Now?

As the trade war rages on between China and the United States, President Donald Trump’s recent strategy of calling out the human rights abuses of President Xi Jinping’s administration comes as an interesting development. The trade war can be traced … Continue reading

David Malpass at McGill: An Uncertain Future For the World Bank?

On October 7th, McGill was chosen by the World Bank to host the first major policy signaling-address of its new President, David Malpass. Ahead of his afternoon speech in Pollock Hall, Malpass held a Q&A session with thirty students from … Continue reading