The Upheaval of the Indian Farming System

Demonstrations led by farmers over recent months represent the largest-ever mobilization of farmers in independent India. The death toll has risen to over 70 lives. The overarching demand is the repeal of three laws and the maintenance of minimum support prices (MSPs). In the larger context, however, the standoff can be seen as the fallout caused by the demise of the Green Revolution.

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A “Developing Nation” Forever? Why India’s Flawed Judiciary System Is Impairing Its Development Trajectory

While India boasts economic growth figures that exceed 6%, holistic development cannot be achieved until policies and legislation consider grassroots inequalities. India, the largest democracy in the world, is globally regarded as an economic force to be reckoned with. However, many rulings and loopholes in the judiciary system imply an uneven, and arguably stagnant, development in terms of women’s rights and safety in India. This should hamper broader understandings of development in India.

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Authority, Liberty, and COVID-19 in the World’s Greatest Democracy

The United States, with its decentralized government, has completely lost the battle against the novel coronavirus. China, Canada, and Sri Lanka, however, with their greater executive authority, have collectively demonstrated that the United States had no excuse for their malpractice. The three nations and their adherence to executive jurisdiction, demonstrated noteworthy abilities to combat an unanticipated crisis, leaving humanity to observe the capital of individual liberty and freedom in utter dismay.

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