#EndSARS and Nigerian Feminism

Throughout history, countless women have played major organizational and leadership roles in major social movements, however, their names rarely hold as much historical significance compared to their male counterparts. When people hear the American civil rights movement of the 1960s they think of Martin Luther King Jr, not Ella Baker. This is not a result of lesser contributions on the women's part but rather reflective of the biased structure of social movements that foster clear gender distinctions and hierarchies.

Eugenics in America: Forced Hysterectomies in an ICE Detention Centre

In a U.S. ICE detention centre, Irwin County Detention Centre, migrant women are undergoing forced sterilizations. Approaching this with the skepticism that ICE is hoping for, would dismiss America’s long history of eugenic practices and ask us to not believe the simple abuse of human rights that is now occurring in Georgia.