Collaboration vs. Isolation: The Coronavirus Vaccine

The picture of positive cooperation between nations takes on quite a different character in the United States. US decisions regarding international distribution and development of the vaccine have been extremely unclear. Although President Trump claims that the US is open to partnership, many of his actions directly contradict these seemingly inclusive claims.

Challenging the International Response to the Refugee Crisis

Thus far, the global response of most developed countries has been to funnel money into the international refugee support system, which provides humanitarian aid relief through the establishment of refugee camps. As these camps are short-term solutions, in most host countries, refugees lack the right to work or move freely. This might not have been a problem if the duration of their stay were short, however the conflicts from which refugees flee usually last indefinitely.

David Malpass at McGill: An Uncertain Future For the World Bank?

On October 7th, McGill was chosen by the World Bank to host the first major policy signaling-address of its new President, David Malpass. Ahead of his afternoon speech in Pollock Hall, Malpass held a Q&A session with thirty students from … Continue reading