Interview with Clara Sedzro

Interview with Clara Sedzro

The Catalyst team met with Clara Sedzro to discuss her upcoming article “Navigating Feminism and Self-Determination: Indigenous Women’s Movements and Indigenous Feminism in Canada and Internationally” in the upcoming Spring 2021 edition of Chrysalis. Her paper sheds light on the transformative power of Indigenous feminism to challenge oppressive institutions in Canada.

Clara Sedzro

Clara is a U3 student studying political science and International development. Originally from Montréal, she found herself really interested in the multidisciplinary aspect of International Development Studies at McGill. This past summer, she had the opportunity to work with Amnesty International on systemic racism, which opened the door to news ways to do research.

Clara wrote this article for an international development course on Civil Society and Development, and was inspired to write after researching intersectionality and the complexities of identity. She found herself writing a paper on women’s dilemma and role in social movement in South Africa and which made her realize how interesting and complex this subject was. This pushed her to write this article on Indigenous women in Canada and the place they occupy within feminism and within the self-determination movement.

Upon graduation, she knows the intersection of gender and race within social movement is a subject that she wishes to pursue with a master’s degree, and pursue more research projects.



Video edited by Sena Lee.

Read the Spring 2021 issue of Chrysalis here.

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