Interview with Kate Grantham

Interview with Kate Grantham

The Catalyst team met with Kate Grantham to discuss her paper “Industrial Animal Agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon: Environmental and Ethical Disaster” to be featured in the upcoming Spring 2021 edition of Chrysalis. Her essay explores the interrelation between animal agriculture and environmental destruction to the Brazilian Amazon while highlighting the ethical and political considerations that shape this issue.

Kate Grantham

Kate Grantham is a fourth year student at McGill University in Honours International Development with a Minor in Anthropology. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Kate came to McGill to pursue her passion for social and cultural development. She is also a member of It’s On Us McGill, an organization that works to end sexual violence at universities as well as Kappa Kappa Gamma, an empowering women’s organization on campus. Along with being involved in student life, Kate volunteers for the Looking Glass Foundation, a Vancouver-based foundation that helps those struggling with eating disorders.

While this article was originally written for an International Development class, Disasters and Development, it reflects Kate’s passion for how the global meat industry is perpetuating the rapid degradation of irreplaceable environmental assets. In writing this article and having it published, Kate is hoping to spread some awareness about the reality of the situation and what actions can be taken to counteract the damage being done.

After graduating from McGill this Spring, Kate will begin an MSc in Social Development Practice at University College London in the UK.


Video edited by Sena Lee.

Read the Spring 2021 issue of Chrysalis here.

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