The Triumph of Jacinda Ardern

Whether it is a pandemic or terrorist attack, Ardern has distinguished herself both by her decisiveness when it comes to policy as well as through the warmth of her messaging. While her policy accomplishments in the past term can be described as modest, where Arden has been transformative is in her individual, often intuitive, conduct, and her COVID-19 crisis management suggests that she has all the tools to change the politics of the global north.

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Latin America’s Weak Democracies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With many being asked to stay at home and unable to look for work, one would think the governments would implement relief programs to keep the economy running and support people unable to work. While many governments did offer some kind of relief money or package to their citizens, it was a very small amount, and only to those in the most precarious situations. Rather than appeal to the people’s collective conscience, many governments’ first step was to solidify military support before addressing their people, with generals behind them as they imposed new restrictions.

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Authority, Liberty, and COVID-19 in the World’s Greatest Democracy

The United States, with its decentralized government, has completely lost the battle against the novel coronavirus. China, Canada, and Sri Lanka, however, with their greater executive authority, have collectively demonstrated that the United States had no excuse for their malpractice. The three nations and their adherence to executive jurisdiction, demonstrated noteworthy abilities to combat an unanticipated crisis, leaving humanity to observe the capital of individual liberty and freedom in utter dismay.

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