A Look at the Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity

Approximately 60-80% of the world’s food is grown by women, but women farmers are consistently seen to be less productive than male farmers. On top of continuing to tackle institutional barriers, it is important to encourage the implementation of policy solutions that could help close this gap. The empowerment of women farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa has the power to greatly improve productivity in the agricultural industry, helping engender positive spillover effects such as improving GDP, increasing food security and lowering overall poverty. 

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité?

Reports of terrorist acts often plant biased rhetoric and paint the Muslim population as a whole in a violent and ruthless light. There is no undermining the severity of these attacks, however it is not uncommon for them to serve as a contribution to the common narrative depicting the Islamic religion as one with savage inclinations. Rather than painting the attacks as isolated anomalies, media outlets often use them to feed into an ever present mentality of bigotry, something that the Muslim community has had to work in one way or another, to prove themselves separate from.

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