Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for IDS Students

Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for IDS Students

10. @unwomen (

UN Women is the UN entity for gender equality & women’s empowerment. It works to accelerate progress on meeting the needs of women & girls worldwide. Follow their insta for inspiring quotes from women’s rights activists and critical facts regarding gender equality! 

Image from the UN Women’s Instagram

9. @oceana (

Oceana is the world’s largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Check out their feed for beautiful photos of marine life that would motivate anyone to start saving the oceans! 

Image from the Oceana’s instagram

8. @everydayafrica ( / @everydaylatinamerica ( / @everydayasia (

Everyday Africa began as an attempt depict everyday life in African countries as a way of countering media portrayals and dominant narratives. The account was so good that it inspired two copycats – Everyday Latin America and Everyday Asia! Follow for beautiful photos from all around the world!   

Image from the Everyday Africa’s instagram

7. @doctorswithoutborders (

Doctors Without Borders puts doctors and nurses where they are needed most – providing emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, or disasters. Follow their Instagram to keep up to date with the amazing work that they do! 

Image from Doctors Without Borders’ instagram

6. @charitywater (

Charity Water is a non-profit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in the Global South. This account depicts their efforts through beautiful and inspirational photos. Follow for your daily reminder that there are good things happening in this world! 

Image from Charity Water’s instagram

5. @barbiesavior (

A satirical portrayal of voluntourism in the Global South; we like to call this “what NOT to do in development”.  Follow this account for a hilarious but cringeworthy parody of that girl from high school who went to Guatemala to ‘help orphans and find herself.’ 

Image from Barbie Savior’s instagram

4. @amnesty (

Amnesty International works to expose and prevent human rights abuses all around the globe. This account raises awareness on different human rights issues and mobilizes followers for campaigns. Follow to take part in a movement for human rights!  

Image from Amnesty’s instagram

3. @oxfaminternational (

Oxfam fights poverty and injustice, as well as advocates for women’s empowerment all around the world. They work on issues like human rights and sustainable development. Follow to follow their life-changing work! 

Image from Oxfam International’s instagram

2. @humanrightswatch (

Human Rights Watch is a leader in the global movement to defend human rights. They investigate abuses, expose the truth, and advocate for meaningful change. Follow to keep up to date with human rights stories from across the globe!  

Image from Human Rights Watch’s instagram

1. @nowhitesaviors (

Run by a team in Uganda, this account works to call out white saviourism in development work and public discourse. Follow if you are a white person working in development to keep yourself and your white privilege in check.

Image from No White Saviors’ instagram

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