Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Welcome to Catalyst!

Catalyst was created to offer a space for students to share their opinions and experiences regarding international development, and to provide a platform where students can find easily accessible content written by their peers in their field of study. We hope that with time this platform will grow and continue to fulfill the needs of students in international development.

We want to publish content that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field of international development and as such to publish content that relates to politics, culture, economics, management, global health, gender, and much more. In addition, Catalyst aims to showcase a wide diversity of opinions. We also hope to share students’ experiences in the field, either through their own personal lives or through their internships.

Finally, we wish that this platform will continue to grow according to the needs and interests of our student population. We welcome all students to reach out to us to share their ideas that they may want to publish or ideas to improve our platform.

Editorial Board

Name: Charline Côté-Lessard

Position: Editor-in-Chief

Bio: My name is Charline and I am thrilled to officially launch the Catalyst. As Vice-President of Publications of the International Development Studies Student Association (IDSSA), I act as both the Editor-in-chief of the Catalyst and of the Chrysalis, our sister print academic publication. I am a third year student majoring in International development and minoring in Political Science and Sociology. Feel free to reach out to me by email at publications.idssamcgill@gmail.com or to come by during my office hours.

Name: Madeleine Caravaggio

Position: Managing Editor

Bio: I’m Madeleine and I’m in my fourth year majoring in International Development Studies with a focus on economics and living standards, coupled with a minor in history. This is my first time being a part of IDSSA and I am very thrilled to be working alongside a great team of editors and digital designers who have made Catalyst possible. My role as web-editor is to help writers along the process of creating international development themed content for our e-journal. Come my co-editors or me if you have an idea, piece, or opinion that you think could transform into an article for Catalyst.


Name: Darshan Daryanani

Position: Editor 1

Bio: Darshan Daryanani is pursuing a joint honours Political Science and International Development degree with a minor in Communication Studies. He has been involved with various different papers and magazines since high school. Like others on the team, he is very excited for the launch of Catalyst!


Name: Joy Hannam

Position: Editor 2

Bio: Hello there! My name is Joy and I am a second-year student in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in international development, stream 1. I am very happy to be part of the team at Catalyst and I hope you enjoy the many things it will be offering. As for me, I love learning about international events, issues, solutions and its scope beyond the classroom. I think it is great to learn from others, explore living standards, society, cultures and politics. I hope the content is as enriching and informative as it is inspiring and thought provoking!


Name: Juliana Riverin

Position: Editor 3

Bio: Juliana Riverin is a U2 student currently pursuing a degree in Political Science and a minor in Canadian Studies. She specializes in culture pieces that relate to the subjects of race and gender, as well as Canadian international affairs and international development. Juliana has been involved in student journalism for many years, and when not working as an editor for Catalyst she writes for the McGill International Review.


Name: Max Kupperman

Position: Editor 4

Bio: Max Kupperman is a third-year student pursuing a major in Political Science and two minors in International Development and Statistics. Outside of his work for Catalyst, Max is also a video editor for TV McGill, an event photographer for the PSSA, and a News & Music volunteer at CKUT. In his free time, he pretends to be able to cook well.

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