Interview with Hilliard Wolfe

Interview with Hilliard Wolfe

By The Catalyst Editorial Board.

Our team interviewed Hilliard Wolfe to discuss his article “The Decline of Manufacturing as a Proportion of GDP in South Africa, Contextualized and Explained” in the upcoming Spring 2019 edition of Chrysalis. In his article, Hilliard analyses the manufacturing industry in South Africa. You can watch his minute thesis video below if you are interested in his article.  

Hilliard is a U2 student majoring in International Development Studies with minors in Social Studies of Medicine and Linguistics from Connecticut. He is particularly interested in international relations, developing economies, and global cultures. He chose to study at McGill University due to the international component of the school. Hilliard was also interested in living in Montreal as it is very common for residents to speak multiple languages. Besides his studies, Hilliard is part of the Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and New Democratic Party McGill. 

Hilliard Wolfe

It is for his final paper for an economic course on development that he wrote this article. Given South Africa’s rich history, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for Hilliard to broaden his knowledge. In addition, his interest in labour economics made him particularly keen to consider the manufacturing industry in his analysis.  

After graduating, Hilliard hopes to pursue a career in the development sector or in diplomacy. Afterwards, he may consider pursuing a master’s degree. 

You can find Hilliard’s article here.

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