Interview with Marie Lemieux

Interview with Marie Lemieux

By The Catalyst Editorial Board.

The Catalyst team met with Marie Lemieux to discuss her upcoming article “Mother of the World: Politics of Transnational Female Childcare Provider Immigration” in the upcoming Spring 2019 edition of Chrysalis.  Her article explores the dynamics of transnational childcare providers and how the process can be both disempowering and empowering for the childcare providers. If you are interested in her article, you can watch her thesis video, where she explains it in length. 

Marie, originally from Montreal, is a third-year honours student in political science with a minor in religion and globalization. She has been involved around campus in a number of ways; she was previously Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal McGill International Review in 2017-2018 (now named Flux), and is now SSMU Library Improvement Fund Commissioner. After her first year at McGill University, she had the opportunity to intern at Fair Vote in Washington, DC, where she worked on electoral reform in the United States. Her internship made her realize that she wanted to focus more on the North America, especially in Canada. Marie is interested in the ways outside influences, such as pressure groups, can positively influence governments. 

Marie Lemieux

She wrote her piece on transnational child care provider for a course on Gender and International Relations. Growing up in a neighbourhood where she encountered many childcare providers, Marie wanted to explore the politics of childcare workers in academic research. This article remains Marie’s favourite paper written during her time at McGill because it went beyond typical academic research to present the experiences of childcare providers in a humanizing way. 

After graduating from McGill, Marie will be starting her Master’s in political management at Carleton University. She hopes to pursue a career in government relations. 

You can find Marie’s article here.

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